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Would you like to have the confidence and credibility to help people change their family tree and create a legacy? Join the select group of Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches who are using their training to make an impact in their communities through ministry or business.

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13 Power-Packed Lessons

Gain knowledge and insights from Chris Hogan and Dave Ramsey on how to guide your clients and connect with their unique financial struggles and stories.

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Interactive Coaching Sessions

You'll be mentored through the training by Dave Ramsey's personal coaches who have trained and launched thousands of coaches all over the world.

What You'll Learn

Everything you need to know to become a successful financial coach.

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Establish the Foundation

Lessons 1–4

Right out of the gate, you'll dive into the fundamentals of coaching, create a coaching overview, see what a real coaching session looks like, and take the DISC personality assessment.

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Navigate Financial Crisis

Lessons 5–8

This section will teach you everything you need to know to help coach your clients through difficult situations such as bankruptcy, student loan debt, collectors and foreclosures.

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Plan for the Future

Lessons 9–11

The third part of this course teaches you how to prepare clients for the future. You will learn how to prepare for estate planning and retirement, as well as learn what insurance policies are essential to have in place.

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Launch Your Practice

Lessons 12–13

The final part of our course will prepare you to go out in your community and launch your own successful practice as well as how to serve clients and their specific needs.

Why It Works

We know you want to help free people from their financial problems, but you have a lot of questions and aren't sure where to start. In Financial Coach Master Training, you'll be guided through 13 interactive lessons as you learn how to identify, understand and resolve your clients' needs.

Lesson Overview


Fundamentals of Coaching

Fundamentals of Coaching will teach you to be a confident financial coach. You will come away with the ability to have more confident, competent conversations about personal finance as well as coach people into financial peace. Topics include Getting Behind the Question, Perspective Problems, People Problems, and Process Problems.


Process Overview

A quick look at the financial state of Americans reveals the average person on the street is broke! As a financial coach, you can provide common-sense education and empowerment that will give people the skills they need to change their lives—and to change their family trees. When you meet people at their deepest point of need, you meet them at the greatest point of potential impact!


The Coaching Session

This is where business happens. In Lesson 3, you'll learn to get acquainted with your clients, gather financial information, establish goals, analyze financial forms, provide verbal and written recommendations as well as give specific ways of implementing those recommendations.



The DISC personality assessment is a tool to powerfully increase your effectiveness as a financial coach. It provides a common language that you can use to better understand yourself, and it also provides recommendations to adapt your behaviors with your clients to meet their unique needs during coaching sessions. You will learn about the different personality styles, the DISC Profile System, how different personality types try to control situations, and DISC best practices.



According to a study by Urban Institute, 33% of Americans hold debt that is currently in collections!1 This lesson will equip you with the skills and techniques to coach clients who are dealing with collectors. You'll learn how to coach your clients when communicating with collectors, and you'll gain an understanding of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We'll also provide you with strategies for when your clients are on phone calls with collectors.



When people in your community don't know what else to do, generally they look to bankruptcy. In this lesson, you will learn the different types of bankruptcy and the limitations of bankruptcy—as well as how best to coach your clients to make the best decision for their situation. There are quite a few alternatives to bankruptcy that your clients need to be aware of.


Foreclosures and Mortgages

A house is not just a building—it's someone's home. Lesson 7 will set you up to address your clients' questions and situations involving foreclosures and mortgages. You will be armed with the most common terms and definitions surrounding foreclosure and mortgages, information on the potential impacts of foreclosure, an understanding of the foreclosure process, as well as knowledge about short sales and the process of loan modification.


Student Loans

This is where you'll gain the knowledge needed to coach your clients to be intentional about student loans and attending college. In this lesson, you will learn some of the most common misconceptions about student loans as well as strategies for coaching your clients how to deal with existing student loans. You'll also be equipped to provide guidance for going to college without using debt.


Estate Planning

What happens to an estate when a person passes away is an uncomfortable—but necessary—conversation. You'll learn how to approach this conversation with your clients by highlighting the benefits of having a written, intentional plan when that time comes. Topics covered include simple wills, revocable living trusts and joint tenants.



Your clients need to protect their assets, their families and themselves. You will learn about multiple types of insurance, including life, homeowner's and renter's, auto and disability insurances. Additionally, you'll learn to coach your clients regarding long-term care and identity theft protection.



This lesson will show you how to help your clients dream big and put a plan together to reach those dreams! Here you'll be equipped with the skills and strategies needed to get your clients to understand that retirement is not an age, it's a financial number. Be prepared to address the top two worries about retirement as well as coach clients to be a blessing when they retire.


Your Coaching Practice

Whether you plan on coaching as a ministry, side business or both, our team of coaches will prepare you to launch a successful coaching practice in your community. Learn where and how to find prospects, set boundaries, create value and set prices.


The Power of Intentionality

Taught by Dave Ramsey, Lesson 13 will encourage you to take everything you've learned and make an impact in the world. You'll discover that trying new things, continuing to learn, and staying flexible are essential aspects of being a financial coach. And you'll learn how to make intentional decisions, set powerful goals, and be successful in your coaching endeavors.

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What You Get

Once you have successfully completed the FCMT online lessons and attended the live training sessions, you will earn the designation of Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. This is a designation you can use when promoting your coaching services.

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"The system is awesome! WOW! It would be a bargain at twice (or three times) the price. For me, this is an excellent way to deliver this training."

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